This unique Dinosaurs Similar Headed Helm

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The fossil, found the researchers, the findings reveal dinosaur known as pachycephalosaurs. This name signifies that the dinosaurs have a thick head, which is said to resemble the helmets worn football athletes.

Reported by ABC Science, Friday (10/19/2012), scientists suspect that the unique shape of the head is used to fight dinosaurs and pitted with other dinosaurs. Recent research reveals new evidence related to some hostile behavior among species of dinosaur.

"Perlaku uncontrollably aggressive in modern vertebrates, not least (some) birds and crocodiles," said Joseph Peterson, who presented his research at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, North Carolina.

He said several vertebrate animals or vertebrates today also have aggressive behavior to attack enemies. For example, the crocodile has attacked the crocodile behavior of others using head movements, besides bird uses its beak to peck.

Scientists say, just pachycephalosaurs which is one of extinct animals that have unique head shape and function to "plow" his opponent. The scientists, including Peterson of the University of Wisconsin geology department and his team compared the injury to the bones of birds, crocodiles and mammals (especially the horned mammals).

The investigation revealed, pachycephalosaurs dinosaurs are extinct animals that can fight using the head hard. It is said to be similar to Dall sheep or bison. Scientists also found Stegoceras, the smaller dinosaurs and have the ability to fight in a way butting his opponent, like a mountain goat.



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