Scientists Reveal Weather "Strange" in the UK

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Scientists said the last few months in the UK, there is erratic weather. Based on the research note, spring is the driest for more than a century, turned into the wettest recorded in April to June. It is said to be the weather "weird", because the dramatic changes that have not been documented before.

Reported by the BBC, Friday (19/10/2012), the scientists said, there is no evidence that climate change "rare" is due to the result of man-made climate change. However, experts have now warned the British to plan anticipatory measures to tackle drought and flood conditions.

This warning comes from the Environment Agency, Met Office and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in London, England. Terry Marsh from CEH said, there is no modern precedent for a transitional approach remarkable watershed. The closest comparison occurred in 1903, but this year is fabulous judged.

The amazing thing other weather related "weird" is, local people do not have to worry or suffer flooded. The main message from the experts also said discussion, the community has continued to increase resilience to flooding.

Paul Mustow, Head of Flood Management at the Environment Agency said, 4,500 properties flooded this year. "However, when you look at 2007, when more than 55 thousand properties under water, we are relatively fortunate to impact can be seen in this summer," said Paul.

"The pattern of rainfall impact in different areas. Addition, there is also a lag between rain periods, to minimize the impact," he added.

Experts also say, no flood defenses, approximately 53 thousand properties would be inundated with water this year. Meanwhile, approximately 190 thousand properties receiving flood protection in recent years.



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