New Theory, Month Comes from Earth

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A paper published in the journal Science reveals that the theory explains why the Earth and the Moon have similar chemical composition and.

Quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (19/10/2012), the theory is said by Sarah Stewart and Matija Cuk. According to them, the Earth spins faster when the Moon began to form. Speed ​​was made one day only consists of one or three hours.

Because turnover is very fast, a big collision could catapult Earth material into space. The material is then formed the Moon.

According to this new theory, the speed of rotation of the Earth and then reached in the present because there is interaction between the gravitational orbit around the Sun and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth.

The scientists also noted that the proportion of their theory different from those currently believed. The theory is widely believed today is the giant moon created from material that hit Earth.

Stewart is a professor of Earth and planets at Harvard. While Cuk is an astronomer and researcher at the SETI Institute, which supports research in the search for life beyond Earth.




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