Mystery Water on the Moon Answered

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Scientists are busy trying to solve the mystery about the discovery of water on the moon. Now they have found the answer that the water source is a stream of particles from the Sun.

Reporting from The Hindu, Wednesday (17/10/2012), the findings revealed by the researchers from the University of Michigan showed that the ice in the crater that is permanently shadowed moon, containing hydrogen atoms carried solar wind.

They analyzed samples of Apollo which reveal the existence of a hydroxyl. The compound was in the glass formed by meteorite impact at the micro-regolith.

"We found that the components of the water or hydroxyl which is located in the regolith. Mostly a result of the solar wind containing protons. Compounds when combined with aksigen will form hydroxyl," said the expert Geological Science, Youxue Zhang.

"It also means that the results of our work indicate that there is a hydroxyl component in various objects. Though not in the form of ice or liquid, will still be useful for sending human missions to moon," he added.



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