Astronomers Give Help Life on Mars

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Astronomers from New Mexico State University revealed research on the emergence of methane on Mars. Chizek Malynda astronomers working on computer simulations, using the NASA / Ames Mars Atmospheric General Circulation Model to replicate the trace gases in the Martian atmosphere, which is believed to provide guidance related to life on the red planet.

Reported Astrobio, Thursday (10/18/2012), Malynda using computer simulations to predict the amount of methane seen by the Mars Science Laboratory. "There are instruments onboard Curiosity Rover, where (robotic rovers) that have landed on Mars in August, which is capable of measuring methane," said Malynda.

However, he continued, the scientist who performed the operation of the instrument, has not made a public announcement of the results of their research. "There are some claims about the detection of methane in the past decade. However, it spawned controversial whether there really is an element of methane on Mars," he explained.

Malynda said, that remains a mystery is how the methane gas that could be present on Mars. Observations made scientists suggest, the emergence of methane can occur on a time scale very quickly and unexpectedly.

Furthermore Malynda explained, it is important to detect methane on Mars element, because it can provide clues linked the evidence of life. Therefore, about 95 percent of the methane in Earth's atmosphere, is a product of biology.

Malynda diusungnya use models to try to trace the location of the source of methane gas. The allegations related to the emergence of the source location of methane among others, derived from volcanic sources, chemical interactions of water or bacteria.

"Mars is considered as geologically dead planet. Detection elements If methane has been confirmed and we did not find any signs of bacterial life, it indicates the existence of an interesting geological processes, which occur on Mars and we do not know (more details) about it," he concluded .




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