Panasonic Smartphone against Water and Dust

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Japanese company, Panasonic, has just introduced a new smartphone. This time, they target a broader market, namely the European continent.

Quoted from Mashable, this is Panasonic's first debut in the realm of smartphones is trying to compete in markets outside of Sakura since 2005.

Spring is planned to be the first step to re-explore Panasonic European market through the smartphone is named Eluga. Eluga first appeared as an unnamed prototype in December last year.

What's interesting about this product is none other than the claimed ability to withstand water and dust. Not only that, Eluga also allegedly had a very light weight.

Now I have no further clarity about the full specs. But according to The Verge, sized 4.3-inch smartphone is using a resolution of 960x540 and feature NFC (Near Field Communication).

Based on the leaked photo revealed at the Panasonic Convention 2012 Monday, Eluga design looks slick and minimalist with black domination widescreen.

Panasonic Eluga scheduled to be released around March 2012. Let's wait how the pursuit of advanced smartphone in the world market.



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