Supernova exploding star 2012

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A supernova, Saturday (27 / 8), appear to be close to the earth. The distance is closer than other supernovae. Astronomers say that supernovas exploded just moments ago.

Supernova is the explosion of stars that produce radiation that sometimes radiates to all parts of the galaxy for several weeks or months.

In the aftermath of the explosion, a supernova spreads a lot of energy in the form of luminescence light material and other stars at 30,000 km / sec.
Reported Geek, supernova was discovered by astronomer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory University of Berkeley.

Joshua Bloom, assistant professor of astronomy, say, a supernova called PTF 11kly this is an important finding that will be a significant observational material to study.
These include Type Supernova He had also discovered in 1972, 1937, and 1572. Weidong Li, senior scientist at Berkeley say they still do not know the cause of the supernova.

But these findings will help them find know why and what the implications for bumi.Hasil findings were obtained from the survey PTF (Palomar Transient Factory), which uses a robotic telescope. Automated telescope is mounted on the Samuel Oschin 48-inch telescope at the Palomar Observatory in southern California.



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