Earth almost doom

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On December 27, 2004, suddenly a burst of energy invisible hit Earth. He is expected to come from a considerable distance, ie distance from the constellation Sagittarius that reach about 50 thousand light years, or more than 473 thousand trillion miles.

Explosion and lacing was first detected gamma rays by NASA's Swift satellite. As for astronomers, the observation of these events provide the most detailed examples of the burst of energy ever recorded in history.

Although the burst of energy that only attack for about 0.2 seconds, but the energy is just as much to the energy of sunlight shining on the Earth up to 500 thousand years old.

As a result of devastating blows gammar beam energy, a lot of electronic satellites orbiting the Earth were damaged. Earth's upper atmosphere is also experiencing tremendous ionization.

After further investigation, astronomers discovered that the source of the attack was a rare magnetar SGR 1806-20 is located on the other side of the Milky Way.

Soft gamma ray repeaters (SGRs) This occurs when the magnetic field being tangled in trying to straighten her back and broke the crust of the magnetar. As a result, there was a burst of energy by turning off zone that can reach several light years.

Magnetar's magnetic field alone has 1,000-fold compared to pulsars (neutron stars that emit high bermedan magnet electromagnetic radiation) used. He is very strong and could lead to the destruction of anything within a distance of 1,000 kilometers in the vicinity.



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