Corpus Museum

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Museun is located in the Netherlands, which was opened by Queen Beatrix in March 2008, the museum is very unique and exists only in the Netherlands presents an amazing experience to the visitors to get around the human body, during a trip in the human body, you can see, feel, and hear how the human body and what the role of healthy food, healthy living and many sports.

various questions, such as
“why should I sleep?”
“What happens when I sneeze?”
and “how hair can grow?”
answered and explained all of this museum.

Museum corpus is a dream project of a businessman named Henri Remmers.

Form outside the museum is an amalgamation of the rectangular building whose front is to use transparent glass and the right side of this building there as man who was sitting, which becomes the architecture of this building.

From the uniqueness that is available at the museum, there is also a vehicle for a game where people who play it must defeat the bacteria that pelted using a bag of beans on a big screen.

Tour inside the human body itself lasted for 55 minutes, take it easy, if you are from another country, because this museum provides 8 languages ​​as an introduction to audio. This museum admission price of $ 16.6

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