The Young Woman Suddenly Became Old

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Viewing images in addition to this, you must have guessed that the photo is 20-year-old girl and her grandmother. However, in actuality, the photo is the same person, who photographed the difference is only a few days.

Nguyen Thi Phuong, the woman's name, is now the object of medical research is scarce. she allegedly suffered an extreme allergic to seafood that changes its skin, but some experts doubt it.

Phuong, 26, said he started the swelling of the face and his skin started sagging in the year 2008. But then he did not try to seek treatment because of poverty.
The more days, his appearance is aging. Now, he appears like a woman in her 70s years. Thanh Tuyen, her husband, admit it. however, this carpenter confessed his love for his wife never fade. Everyday, Phuon always wear masks in public to hide his appearance. Only now, she becomes the object of research and medical treatment after a hospital eliminate the entire cost of treatment.
He believes the condition is caused by a severe allergy to seafood. He said he suffered a very bad reaction in 2008.

"I'm really itching all over body. I scratched even when sleeping," he said.
He bought the drug in the shop to stop the itch. "After one month of taking the drug, less itchy. Then I turned to traditional medicine and all the itching disappeared. However, my skin started to sag and fold," he said.
Phuon then take another kind of traditional medicine to treat problems of rapid aging. But this measure did not help.

The doctor says it may be what happened as a result of long-term use of traditional medicines are often spiked with corticoids. This accelerating effect of steroid medication, but could trigger a rare skin disease called mastocytosis, in which the body produces too many mast cells.
The couple does not remember what drugs they are buying time.



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