This is the Seven Wonders of the World in China is Divided in Two Period - PART 2

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Seven Miracle in China Today

1. Beijing National Stadium, more commonly referred to as the Bird's Nest stadium, is the world's largest steel construction, can accommodate up to 80,000 people. Used as a place of opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.


2. Beijing National Aquatics Center, which is commonly known as the water cube.


3. CCTV Headquarters Tower, with a height of 234m. Located in Beijing's central business district and is quite simple with geometric shapes. It's really an amazing building, the tower was completed in late 2008.

4. The New Beijing International Airport. It is the largest airport terminal in the world. Designed by the legendary dragon concept, this structure not only looks great, but too spectacular.

5. Beijing's CCTV Tower. Towers with the tallest structure in Beijing and was built in 1992, with an altitude of 405m.


6. The Beijing National Theatre, located in Beijing. The shape of this structure looks like an egg and it is the largest indoor theater in the world. He was surrounded by a manmade lake and can be reached through an underground tunnel.

7. The China World Trade Center Tower 3, completed in 2008. Located in the Central Business District, this tower stands at an altitude of 330M, with 74 floors. This will be part of the China World Trade Center just as the New York World Trade Center.



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