Third most expensive toys in the world

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Toy is the one who is always in search of children. But not always this toy in indentikan with children. I have 3 examples maian most expensive in the world that its not the price of half-hearted

1. Miniature cars this one is its weight less than 1 kg scale 1:600 ​​with the original.
it's just that these cars are made of real gold and Gram seberah 600 plus the 250-carat diamond on the front of her

Price of cars is $ 12,000 equivalent to the price of 3 samapai 4 pieces a real car  
2. Game boy ply white gold
Toys that trend in early 2000, is back in magic so luxurious objects by a 12-year-old child.
Child was 1-1 from the property business owners juggling game boy belongs to his brother who had not used a trillionth of plush toys. Almost the whole box cover element of his Game Boy in white gold coated in a direct message from Papua.

Prices are in out in the remodel box game boy body is not messing around. The children spend their money amounting to Rp1, 034M
It has been referred to the price of diamonds is in stacking banjo became lis on the game screen divider boy.

3. Hot wheels
Hot wweels is a type of miniature toy cars that can be implanted into his denan speed aerodynamic forces, because in ketau types of cars are not using the machine know the motor.
View admin can be next to the picture you would already know how to make diamonds not in use to wrap these cars.
Price of this toy cars for $ 18,000.
The world's most expensive toy sometimes become a prestige or performance mutual among them people who suda the most money. because this will raise their setatus so unlucky.



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