Read Newspaper And Eating Newspaper

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Once the content is read out, usually the paper directly stacked and that has been sold by the kilogram. However, the idea of ​​the crew of Metro, a newspaper published in the UK, and a number of food experts literally jump out of the grip it.

Perhaps inspired by Willy Wonka, a character in the movie Chocolate Factory, which makes everything around us can be eaten, they create a form that can be eaten Metro newspaper.

As reported by website, the cooperation that produces an edible paper. So that's finished reading, the papers do not need to be removed, but eaten alone.

Heston Blumenthal, the culinary scientist, had a major role in realizing this unique idea. "The paper that can be eaten is a bit much is my obsession," he said.

Matter of taste how? The volunteers had ripped the paper with their teeth and swallow it. They were nodding and assess the newspaper's delicious.

Of course the paper production requires not only rigorous editing, but a careful processing of the dough anyway. The dough itself consist of cornstarch, vegetable oil, gum arabic, water and citric acid are cooked up into a paste, clay and formed into sheets.

Pasta was then sown into a thin sheet through silk gauze arranged into headlines, photos and articles.

The process of making this delicious and printing paper requires a few hours. To dry it takes a little longer. For the final polish, the newspaper was given a soft vanilla scent that smells.

Charles Bouquet from Edible Paper Company, said the project will encourage the habit of recycling in the community. "We hope this provides additional scent on the news and present a menu of current issues are more colorful."



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