Mega World Projects recorded by Satellite

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King Fahd Causeway


King Fahd Causeway which is a bridge connecting Saudi Arabia with Bahrain. King Fahd Causeway is one of the world's mega project because this bridge is the third longest bridge in the world after Lake Pontchartrain bridge in New Orleans, America and the Donghai Bridge in Shanghai, China.

Bridge from Denmark to Sweden
Tokyo Bay Aqua Line

Tokyo Bay Aqua line is I found on google earth when I'm looking at Haneda airport in Tokyo. Then when I look around the airport, there sebuh road leading into the sea (Tokyo Bay). Then the road is I browse and I finally found the end of the road in seberag Tokyo Bay. Apparently it is an underwater tunnel.
Chesapeake Bridge Tunnel
Dubai's Large-Scale Sand Art, Artificial Island Shaped

The super-rich emirate of Dubai to build a number of spectacular projects that artificial islands off the coast. Amazing amazing job world, artificial islands arranged like a giant palm tree. The islands are the largest land reclamation project in the world, also the largest artificial islands in the world. These islands are the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira.

Creator is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum which aims to boost tourism in Dubai. Each palm tree-shaped island, topped by a crescent, and will be equipped with various facilities to make people comfortable. Palm Islands located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf and will add 250 km coastal city of Dubai.



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