Invisible Bridge

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'Bridge of Death' in the National Park Zhangjiajie, China, is different from the bridge aquatic mammal that has killed more than 22 people in East Kalimantan. Bridge of Death in China is made of glass and located at an altitude 1430 meters.


As reported by, a bridge made ​​of glass floor is called the Bridge of Death because of extraordinary sensation felt pedestrians on it.

Approximately 60 meters long bridge is located around Mount Tianmen in Tianmen Mountain, Hunan Province, China. The bridge is only about nearly 2 meters wide is located at an altitude of 1430 meters. Located on the cliffs of the mountain. '

The bridge that uses glass 2.5-inch-thick glass offers incredible horror. With the bridge road surface made ​​of glass, tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the altitude, just below the feet.

The tourists are required to wear a cloth covering for the base shoe. This rule is done so that the glass easy to clean. The death bridge was made over about 60 meters.

Amazing experience for those who had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and test of courage on the bridge height.

Here PHOTOS: Invisible Bridge in Upper Mount:



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