His face funny and weird

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How handsome and his beautiful you?
how sweet and cute it you?
But you will not be able to emulate the imutan and cuteness of the face of a grandfather who was.
face a very unique and strange it could entertain people by making whoever is looking at her would roar with laughter.
Grandfather aged approximately 60 years. he does have a face that can tell unique though not unique, but the old man talked bad? even he could look more attractive by having excess facial folds and make it unique.

it really is not a shortage but a surplus, because I'm sure not everyone can make his face and folded up as attractive as this.

at the age of 12 years old man he often capitalize on its advantages it is to scare her school friends, especially his female friends they like seizures made ​​after seeing the old man plays his facial muscles to make a different face shapes up to 1000 form a unique version ..

Even so do the sala his grandfather was once a popular boy at her school
yes a lot of the girls were fascinated at the same time comforted because her grandfather was a humorous type of guy



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