Build a Great Castle of Cards

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American architect Bryan Berg has succeeded him as world record holder in the number of stacked cards. Bryan Berg used 218,792 cards (deck 4051) to create a replica of the Venetian Macau without glue or other tools to hold them together. Berg took 44 days to complete the model in the Venetian, which sits in the heart of Macau Cotai Strip, the Chinese version of the gang-ruled city of Las Vegas neon '. Replication Hotel stands nearly ten feet long and 33 feet! Cool!

"This has been the most ambitious project I have undertaken to date," said Berg.
"It's really like a real construction project because you have every engineer and every single proximity support that supports everything above," he added.

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"I was inspired to stack the card-playing cards with my grandfather, maybe I can inspire some visitors at The Venetian Macao to try their hand at building their own structures.
'There can be no more fitting place to build the biggest house in the world than the card in the world's largest resort hotel,




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