6 uninhabited ghost town

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Below are some cities that are not populated at all due to various natural disasters, so the city is left behind.

Kolmanskop is a ghost town in southern Namibia, a few kilometers from the port of Luderitz. In 1908 Luderitz diamond fever, and people then headed to the Namib desert to get rich easily. In the past two years created a magnificent city with all the infrastructure such as casinos, schools, hospitals, also with an exclusive residential building which stood on land that was once barren and a desert pasir.Tetapi after the first world war, buying and selling diamonds to a standstill , this is the beginning of the end of it all.

Throughout the 1950s the city began to be abandoned, the sand began to reclaim what is theirs. Solid metal board collapsed, beautiful gardens and tidy streets were buried under the sand, windows and doors bergeretak on each hinge, glass-glass window showing the destruction of split widened as the towering sand. Quote: A new ghost town had been born, is still visible pair banguna standing, there are also buildings such as a theater is still in very good condition, and the rest, the houses were destroyed and crushed sand into a row of houses ghost scary.

2. Prypiat


Prypiat is a major city in the isolated region in northern Ukraine, an area housing the workers Chernobyl nuclear region. This area is dead since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which claimed nearly 50,000 lives. After the incident, the site was practically like a museum, a part of Soviet history. Apartment buildings, swimming pools, hospitals, and many other buildings were destroyed. And all of the information contained within the building is left in it, such as archives, TV, toys, valuables, clothing and other property of all like most families in general.
Residents may only retrieve important documents, books and clothes that are not contaminated by nuclear. But since the 21st century, no longer exists valuables left behind, even seating dikamar kecilpun taken by looters, many of the buildings that it was robbed from year to year. Buildings that are no longer maintained, with a leaky roof, and the inside of buildings flooded in the rainy season, making the city truly become a ghost town. We can see the trees growing on the roof of a house, a tree that grows in the house. The CoD 4 players must identify the town this one.

3. Sanz Hill
To the north of Taiwan, there is a futuristic village, was originally built as a luxury retreat for the rich. However, after a lot of fatal accidents during its construction ultimately terminated the project. After experiencing financial difficulties and hardships of the workers who want to work on the project finally resort development is completely stopped in the middle of the road. Rumors later emerged, many say the village area of ​​the residence of ghosts, of those who had died.

4. Craco

Craco located in the area and the province of Matera Basilicata about 25 miles from the Gulf of Taranto. This mid-town area has a distinctive, filled with the undulating hills and farms of wheat and other agricultural crops. Ditahun Craco 1060 when ownership of the land owned by the bishop of the diocese leader Arnaldo Tricarico. Long-running relationship with the church brought a lot of influence to the whole population. In 1891, Craco population of more than 2000 people, then they hit a lot of social problems and poverty that many make them desperate, between 1892 and 1922 around 1300 people moving to North America. Poor farming conditions coupled with natural disasters earthquakes, landslides and war is what causes them to migrate en masse.
Between 1959 and 1972 Craco again rocked by earthquakes and landslides. In 1963 the remaining population of around 1300 people eventually moved to a valley near Craco Peschiera, and until now the original Craco still left in ruins and decay leaving remnants of the population.

5. Oradour Sul Glane
Small village of Oradour Sul Glane in France showed a very terrible state conditions. During World War II, 642 residents were massacred by German soldiers as a form of retaliation for the French against the treatment time. Germany who was actually intended to attack the region near Sul Glane Oradour but finally they attacked the small settlement on June 10, 1944. according to the testimony of those who survived, the population of men put into a warehouse and German soldiers opened fire on their feet so they eventually die slowly. Women and children are entered into the church, eventually all die shot when they tried to get out of the church. The village was completely destroyed the German army at that time. And to this day the ruins of the village is still standing and bears witness to how cruel events that occurred at that time.

6. Gunkanjima

This island is one of the 505 uninhabited islands in Nagasaki Region Administratsi Japan, about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki. The island is also known as "Gunkan Jima" or the island of warships. In 1890 when a company (Mitsubishi) bought the island and began a project to retrieve coal from the seabed around the island. In 1916 they built the first large concrete on the island, a block of apartments built for the workers and also serves to protect them from hurricanes.
In 1959, the island's population swells, the population density at that time reached 835 people per hectare for the whole island (1391 per hectare for residential central area), the densest population ever happening around the world. When oil replaced coal lands in 1960, coal mines began closing, not least in Gunkan Jima, in 1974 Mitsubishi officially announced the closing of the mine, and finally emptied the island. In 2003 this island as a setting dimbil movie "Battle Royal II" and inspired a popular game "Killer7".



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