Granny 85 Year Able Fishing 333 Kg

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She's old same as the Queen Elizabeth II, but Connie Laurie seemed much more powerful because he managed to fish for marlin that weighs more than 333 pounds.

Connie is indeed the one who likes fishing, but he had not received a very large catchment such as what is captured in Queensland, Australia. The professional fisherman who was amazed when I saw this grandmother fishing.

"I lifted the seat up to two times, when pulling fish. But the fish was finally caught," said Connie, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (11/09/2011).

Grandma was also expressed his happiness when he managed to catch the marlin. According to Connie, the fishing was like being in a tense battle.

"I seemed to see a miracle when a big fish leaped from the water. This is what I want, go fishing and get a big catch," he added.

the fish was finally released back into the sea, who was sailing vacation to the beach and he was welcomed by local residents who were caught Connie's preaching on the radio.



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