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Minisite is a mini website (short). Minisite created to market a product online. With Minisite, traders can more easily introduce products to consumers. Thus, they can be made possible if the product will soon be sold.
In addition to media buying and selling, Minisite can be used also for non-commercial use, such as job vacancy information, personal profiles, where the download is free, and others.
Ok, here's how to create a Minisite in blog, it's FREE.

First download a template for your Minisite,

Please follow the steps below to create a Minisite in engine.

- Create a new blog as usual. Use to create a blog account.

- After creating a blog, look at the dashboard and click on "Design".

- Then click the tab "Edit HTML".

- Next upload Blogger Minisite Templates that you downloaded earlier. Use the Browse button to find the template on your computer.
(blogger-minisite.xml file)

See the following examples:

- Then the upload by pressing the button "Upload".

-Wait a minute, and will display a warning like the following picture:

Click on the button "Delete Widgets".

- Wait for upload process is complete. And it would appear the message "Your changes have been saved. View Blog.".

- Next click the tab "Page Elements".

- Look at the menu "HTML/JavaScript" on top. Click "Edit" to include the contents of your Minisite.
(minisite.txt file)

- Edit: "Title" = <!—title-->
"Content" = your minisite contens.

- When finished editing the contents of your Minisite, click "Save."

- See the view from your Minisite, and promote your products now. :)



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