Apple Launches Update IOS 5.0.1 To Overcome Waste Batteries iPhone 4S

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Apple has just launched their latest update to OS, the IOS 5.0.1. They say, this update serves to overcome the problems of waste battery on the iPhone 4S.

In addition to working to address the battery issue, this latest update also adds multitasking first gesture for the iPad, fixing some bugs for document storage in the cloud, and the addition of an Australian accent in the voice recognition Siri.

This update can be directly downloaded easily. File is not too large, only 40 MB.

Since its initial launch, the battery is wasteful to be the main problem the iPhone 4s. As a result, many mobile phone owners who filed a complaint through various forums. Furthermore, the PC Mag have tested the problem. They found that the waste batteries occurred because of problems in IOS 5.



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