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Vote Komodo for New 7 Wonders of World

Having failed to enter the Borobudur World New 7 Wonders of the wonders of the world for the category of human culture (man made) in 2007 in a poll by New 7 wonders of the world, followed by no escape of Mount Anak Krakatau and Lake Toba for the category of natural wonders, now living Garden national Komodolah only Indonesia hopes to advance to the final round of the incoming seven N7WS of Nature (New Category of Natural Wonders of the World).


  • Komodo National Park, which stood in 1980 is the only region in which there are conservation of native habitat of endemic species of ancient dragons.
  • In addition there are 25 species of dragon land animals and birds are protected, as well as rare flora such as black wood (Diospyros javanica) and bayur (Pterospermum diversifolium).
  • World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1986
  • Unique natural conditions, there is a coastal ecosystem, mangrove ecosystem, grassland ecosystem, tropical rain forest ecosystems, marine aquatic ecosystems, and savanna ecosystems in one area of ​​Komodo National Park
  • There is a community of mangrove forest / mangrove which is useful as a barrier or a natural physical barrier against erosion and its roots into the breeding and protection areas for crabs, shrimp and molluscsIn this area you can find 253 species of coral reef biota is one of the most beautiful world charm, plus another 1,000 species of fish that add lively panorama of the sea.
  • For those of you who love nautical travel, here you can swim, snorkel, dive or sunbathe enjoying the uniqueness of the red sand with colorful rocks are spectacularly beautiful at the Pink Beach, one of the leading areas in the KNP.
  • You can explore the Goa of Natural Stone Mirror along the 200 meters where there is a farrago staglatit and staglamit are still well maintained. Here also you can find a number of fossil coral reefs and sea turtles that have been petrified. This fossil signaled that the Mirror Stone Cave is part of the ocean trenches in the past. Named Stone Mirror because the stones emit a very beautiful light sheen.
  • On the island of Komodo there are a number of tribes living side by side since hundreds of years ago with the giant reptiles of Interest Modo.
And much more beauty and uniqueness of the Park the other. Now it's time for you to participate in support victory dragons and their habitats to achieve top ranking New World 7 Wonders of Nature Categories (New 7 Wonders of Nature).Various How to Select KOMODO as the New 7 Wonders of Nature (7 Natural Wonders of the World New Category)

VOTE BY PHONE (televoting)Important information that must be known!

To win the fight became a finalist KOMODO New 7 Wonders of the World category of nature we need approximately 120 million votes. Therefore tell your support as much as possible through televoting is now! For those who have chosen 100x (Rp 1000/sms) can register a name that will be immortalized on Monument Komodo as a witness to history!

Simply type in KOMODO SEND TO 9818. Each SMS will provide a voice for the island of Komodo. SMS can be sent over and over and over and over again.
  • INDOSAT: Rp. 1/sms
In addition there are programs that are not less interesting and amazing! We challenge you to make an article / photo / film spectacular about the wonders of komodo dragons. Especially for you that will send the work of a film, you can participate sending your work more than one film (maximum 5 films with different settings).

Each of your works in the form of articles / photos / films will be given a special memento in the form of a single pictorial Komodo T-Shirt with a variety of signature of the ambassadors dragons.

And more importantly, all articles / photographs / films submitted will be selected by the jury award of dragons supporters. For those of you who voted and recorded as a winner, you are worthy of the name recorded in Monument Park.

  1.      Go to the url address of this new7wonder website (copy and paste this address):
  3. select the seven natural sites, and KOMODO one of them
    (try not to choose a tough competitor dragons).
  5. Click on "continue to step 2"
  6. Fill your data including email
  8.  Click accept "terms and conditions"
  9. Fill in the appropriate verification code image that appears on the screen.
    Click on "register"
  10.  Go to your email
  12. Open letter of confirmation from New7Wonder
  14. Click on the link provided in the email.
  15. If successful, you will go to view the first step 5,
  16. that states if you do vote have been successful.
As in the image below.
If you have more than one email, you can vote as many emails do you have. Please use another name, the origin of the name of your email should not be the same. Let's invite all your friends, relatives, family, your colleagues to participate in vote for Komodo!

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Do not miss an update of the Vote Komodo Island. Sign up today and follow the trail of the selection of dragons.


We need a minimum of 120 million votes! So your vote is expected to pass into 7 large Komodo nominees. Send a sms and polls continue your voice through the site until 11-11-2011 future.

Let us see the glory of dragons in the prestigious rank 7 New World Wonders of Nature Category Nature. (New 7 Wonders of Nature).
One contribution of your voice can give breath to the lives of dragons, as well as respect for the beloved country ....



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