Unique Phones

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Unique Phones

When I want to make a post about the phone, I had the idea to post about a unique mobile phone, if phones are usually post about my post on my other blog is a “mobile phone info news” but this time I post on this blog, because I think phones in this post is very unique.

Please note the pictures are below, first, a few decades ago, a phone like this is a special item, which may be owned only rich people.
 Now the phone like this to be an antique that may be very great price.
In this modern era, not inferior to the era of a few decades ago, where today there are phones that unique and strange oddities of this phone is the material used to make the mobile phone.
See the image below: 1. Natural cell phone or mobile phone ‘Recycle’: This phone is he made of dry grass hay alias. de back to nature on the phone is designed by Je-Hyun. Kim:

czhr8ctl unique phones
2. Window Mobile Phone or Mobile Weather: Mobile ‘willing umbrella sbelum rain’. phone this one is predictive able to predict the weather anywhere even in locations that can not be predicted. This phone was designed by Seunghan Song.:

j72tfz8a unique phones
3. Chinese mobile phone Scrolls: Display roll-out and cool buttons are placed on the roll screen display systems that must be pulled when using it. My dear good stuff like this so easily damaged. But, for those who care, maybe this phone is an excellent choice. This phone is designed by Yun Liang.:

eqa8f1qe unique phones

4. Tiles Cell Phone: Mobile phones this one has applications that can be dismantled and the tide is around cell phone, and easily upgradable. This phone was created by Tzu-Fu Wang.:

q0zueuhz unique phones



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