Unique Phones Part 2

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Unique Phones Part 2

5. Radia – Phone Rings: Cell phones are one of this circle full of artistic and very beautiful. With a circle of glittering make the phone looks luxurious and glamorous in the eyes of people. This phone was created by Michael Sea.:

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6. Handcuff Bracelet cell phone or mobile phone: Shaped like a cuff bracelet or a combination thereof if the two combined. This phone is the fruit of the work of Tao Ma:

dhmacv5x unique phones part 2

7. Molecular cell phone: Shaped like a molecular bond in a compound (in particular O2 bonds), because it is also known as O2 mobile phone. this phone is the brainchild of tjep design.:

gfaw0eby unique phones part 2

8. Maple Wood cell phone: Mobile phones with a unique constituent materials as well as phone Alam. constituent materials are maple wood, so for a while his phone Maple Wood. This phone is created by Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Lee Right:

wfcf8mit unique phones part 2



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