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Unique Health

Judging from the title of my post, this time I will talk about health. all of you must already know what the importance of health for ourselves, health is very important to us, therefore we should be able to maintain the health of ourselves think not to get sick.

This time I will give some tips to maintain the health of ourselves. Because in my previous postings often discuss things that are unique and strange, therefore, I will provide a unique and unusual tips for maintaining our health.

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Maybe it’s just tips that funny, but this might be very influential and beneficial to themselves think, if done right. I will not talk at length again, you should direct it at those tips.

1. After analyzing more than 51 public bathrooms, the experts found that the first toilet or a toilet that is closest to the entrance of the bathroom is a toilet that has the lowest bacteria levels. This is because people tend to choose the most tip of toilets for their privacy. From now on, choose a toilet near the entrance because it is much cleaner.

2. If you are claustrophobic or people with phobias of small room, go to the supermarket or the nearest fruit market. Sniff of green apples can help relieve shortness of breath and panic.

3. Reduce the use of antibacterial soap. American Medical Association (AMA) claim that antibacterial soaps have no scientific evidence that soap was stronger against bacteria than regular soap. Even the AMA says that this soap can make the germs and bacteria become stronger and resistant to killer germs. Moreover, almost more than 50 percent of the soaps are sold already contain antimicrobial in it.

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