Total Lunar Eclipse

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Total Lunar Eclipse

The phenomenon of a total lunar eclipse that took place on July 16, and this occurs in regions of Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, and Asia, including Indonesia.

 total lunar eclipse 300x209 Total lunar eclipse

In Indonesia, the region is fortunate dapet saw a remarkable event it is in Sumatra, kalimantan, and part of southeastern homeland, when the moonlight look even slightly, will look at the dark red color,

red color is derived from some of the sunlight that is still forwarded the Earth‘s atmosphere, when viewed from the time, only the middle and western parts of Indonesia who can see the eclipse from beginning to end.

total lunar eclipse 1 Total lunar eclipse

 Total lunar eclipse

bc0325222fd1 Total lunar eclipse

philip perkins 1 470x350 Total lunar eclipse

While the eastern part of Indonesia can not be observed until the finish, because the moon will go down first.



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