This mythical creature is Actually Not There

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mistis Inilah Mahluk Mistis yang Sebenarnya Tak Ada 
When scientists visited foreign parts of the planet, such as ocean thermal vents or isolated mountain forests, often undocumented species discovered. Like what?

Residents often believe these findings as mystical animals, such as bigfoot, loch ness monster and el Chupacabra. Residents seemed to expect these creatures really existed. In most cases (the expectations of the citizens), the scientific evidence is emerging for the 10 mythical animals is not so convincing. Consider the following.

BigfootSome of the names given to human-hairy two-legged animals that roam the mysterious North America. Reports of this creature first appeared in the 1950s.So far there is no evidence of teeth, hair, bones or other Bigfoot footprint found. The best evidence of this creature is, the famous Patterson-Gimlin film was recorded in California in 1967, even in the movie, the creature looks like a man dressed as a gorilla cheap.

NessieThis creature is more famous as the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie is a water animal inhabitants of Scotland's Loch Ness. Nessie was first reported in 1933. Since then, local residents and tourists often claim to see something in a cold lake.According to some people, Nessie is a plesiosaur, a large marine reptiles of the dinosaur era. Although sometimes there are reports, photographs, and scientific investigation, evidence the existence of Nessie has not been found.ChupacabraEl Chupacabra or 'blood-sucking goat' first appeared in Puerto Rico in the mid-1990s. Various descriptions of this creature rumored to appear but has a 1 to 1.5 meters tall and has a row of spines on his back and eyes like an alien. Vampires are said to suck the blood of its prey, mainly goats, sheep, and small animals.

Jersey DevilsThese mythical creatures were born in the early 1700s. According to folklore, in New Jersey, there is a woman gave birth to a horse-headed monster cursed, bat wings and cloven hooves. For centuries, the legend is decorated with false news and occasional sightings in the forest. However, according to Loren Coleman's book "Monsters of New Jersey 'there is no strong evidence of the existence of mythical creatures.
ChampChamp is an American version Nessi, the mysterious giant who lived on Lake Champlain. Champ has a variety of forms but, reportedly, hunched-bodied creatures, a few tens of meters long, dark skin and a head like a snake or a dog. Photo of 1981 Champ was rife. Since then, the legend remains alive thanks to Champ 'sightings,' ambiguous photos and videos.Mosnter MontaukThis strange creature washed up on a beach in Montauk, New York in July 2008. These photographs depict animals, these four-legged animals and clawed and have almost no feathers. Some argue, the photo was fake, others believe it was pork or genetically engineered animals. But ultimately, this monster is identified as a rotten raccoon.

Feejee MermaidMermaids do not comply with the public image of the monster. However, this being the exception. Showman PT Barnum Mermaid FeeJee introduced in the 1840s. These creatures are not pretty at all and half-fish half-naked woman's head and chest but creepy little monkey with the body and tail of the fish. Obviously, this creature was not real, only one of several fake mermaid created for the sake of money.
Sea MonsterSea monster stories emerged over thousands of years. Book in 1752 titled 'Natural History Norwey' mentions the existence of a monster called Kraken who has the same size as a small island, 'round, flat, and full of weapons,' and often controlled the sea gods. More sea serpent sightings are very rare at this time, scientists were convinced, early reports of this creature came from the giant squid 43 meters.

OgopogoIt seems that every country has its own lake monster. Ogopogo is a 'Nesssie Canadians' who live in Lake Okanagan British Columbia. Centuries ago, Native Americans believe, the spirit lives in the lake water, and living sacrifices to appease evil spirits to do this water. Ogopogo in fact is the name of popular dance songs. Although evidence ilmuah less, residents often report strange things in the lake.

VampiresVampire fiction often appears miserable, soulless sexy, and drinking human blood. However, many animals are actually vampires, including leeches, mosquitoes, fleas and, vampire bats.

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