The Queen Mary

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The Queen Mary

Most haunted places and other creepy is the Queen Mary. proclaim this in a very scary place, as so often happens strange events on board.
Old luxury ship is reportedly quite haunted, according to many people who have worked and visited the ship.
After the ship that was once famous for luxury and the end times of sailing, the ship Queen Mary was purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1967 and converted into a hotel.

 QueenMary2 2 The Queen Mary
The most haunted area on the ship is the engine room where a 17-year-old sailor died in pathetic while trying to escape from the fire. Many people have heard and recorded a knock and blow the pipes around the door of the ship.
In what is now the front desk area of the hotel, visitors have seen the ghost of a woman dressed in white.
Ghosts rumored to haunt the children‘s pool vessel. Ghost of a young girl, who reportedly had an accident and broke his neck in a swimming pool, there was her mother or her doll.

In the hallway the pool is an area with strange activity. Furniture moves itself, people feel the touch of the hands of the unseen and the appearance of unknown spirits.

In front of the hull can sometimes be heard screaming, sounds of pain, which was supposed was the voice of a sailor who was killed when the Queen Mary collided with a small boat.

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