Pica Diseases

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Pica Diseases

The results of my exploration of strange diseases. One more “Be Unique” find a strange disease.

Actually this is arguably not a disease. because people with this disease do not feel sick. but the patients had abnormal or peculiar habits, the patient to consume food that is not fair.

 weird diseases 4 300x217 Pica Diseases

Patients with this disease, eating things that are not to be eaten.

The disease is called “pica”. who suffer from pica is used to eat things such as: sand, lime, cigarette butts, lighting, fur and even animal dung.

eatingdirt Pica Diseases

 Pica Diseases

pica Pica Diseases
The cause of the disease, until now still unknown, pica disease can strike children, pregnant women, or adults.

some researchers suspect the cause of pica disease is iron deficiency and anemia lead to eating them. pica disease have no signs or symptoms.

According to various sources, to cure patients with PICA disease, required treatment as a whole, including the right behavior education, supportive environment and family approach. Punishment is also quite effective to cope with PICA. Pica sufferers need a figure of a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist who can overcome his psychological problems.



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