New Giant Crab Species Discovered

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New Giant Crab Species Discovered

A giant land crab species found on Cocos Island, Costa Rica. The animal was discovered by Robert Perger and Rita Vargas, researchers from the University of Costa Rica as well as Adam’s Wall of Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.The research team discovered a new species of crab was on an island in the Pacific Ocean. By its discoverer, the crab is named Johngarthia cocoensis.

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Characteristics that distinguish between J. cocoensis with other crabs, according to the researchers, is of large size. A male crab can reach sizes of 40 inches if the front legs extended. The females have a smaller size.
When found, this crab species living in the hole they dug themselves. Their main meal of grass and seeds.
According Perger, J. cocensis similar to crab J. malpilensis who lived on the islands surrounding Cocos Island.

“Equality between J. cocensis with other species in the western Pacific indicates that the larvae, which grow in the sea, may have been passed on Cocos Island because gelombag swept away, “said Perger, as quoted by News24, June 22, 2011.

These animals, said Perger, then adapt to their new habitat and grow into a new species.
For information, Cocos Island, located off the coast of Colombia, but within the territorial waters of Costa Rica. This island is the only island in the western Pacific region has a humid tropical forest climate and has a wide range of animal species.



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