Midnight Passenger Mysterious Woman

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Midnight Passenger Mysterious Woman
This time I will give you an experience of a person’s story, this is just a little mystery horror story in one’s natural in Jakarta Indonesia.

ass Midnight Passenger Mysterious Woman

Gosh! Mystery-This incident happened a long time. around 1998 after the riots. At that time I was on my way home from campus, located in the area of ​​Central Jakarta house while I was in Sawangan, Depok.

At that time, I thought it was empty because his lunch to work quite tired in a car showroom later that night had to lecture. Especially after today’s lecture was over, me and my friends still kongkow-kongkow at a friend’s house who happened not far from campus.

I usually ride the last train home from Cikini station, but on Thursday I was forced to take the car because I have lunch meeting with the customer. At that time, the clock showed 23.30 when I leave home with the accompaniment of derision from other friends.

“Bences wrote home in the morning,” they said. “Sorry man I’m so tired, want to break ya.” “Iya deh, be careful tonight there was a passenger” joked my friend who has a home. “it’s up to, especially if my girls to bed and gentlemen,” I say blindly that laughter of friends the other end with a yawn a few times I run my car to Depok.
Hour was after 00:30 when I crossed the road right-left is still a lot of leafy trees and vast terrain. Only less about 2 km longer I get home. Suddenly I felt a chilling shiver from head to toe in my car and the air suddenly becomes cooler.

I instinctively reached for the air conditioner to reduce the cold. Fitting then that I saw a long-haired woman about 25 years old with a white shirt tattered overalls filled blood spots to sit in the seat next to me. I immediately seek forgiveness, and reciting verses from the Koran that I could, but the figure was still there.
Then when I peered into the rearview mirror, I also see there are 3 black shadows of men sitting in the back seat and I felt at that moment my car weight increases its speed. “I’m sorry if I bother you all, and now I ask you all got out of my car” I said to myself while praying.

Then one by one down the shadow figure of a woman who lived next to me who still like to accompany to the house. Then I put the car straight into the garage and I immediately turn off the machine but I did not go down. With courage, I just say in my heart that these creatures go.

Shortly thereafter, accompanied by a smile from his face pale and full of blood, the creature disappears, leaving only the white smoke coming out through the car window. I endlessly say thanks to Allah because it kept away from the temptations of spirits. (As detailed palopov)
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