Meteor Showers

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Meteor Showers
Quadrantids meteor shower

Phenomenon Quadrantids meteor shower that occurred in early 2011 then. Quadrantids meteor shower is visible in the sky northeast which took place on 1st to 5th of January last.

Quadrantids itself is one of the most beautiful phenomenon with the intensity of meteor showers like water falling above average. This Femomena reached 40 meteors per hour at midnight to dawn.

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720 How To See The Best Meteor Showers Of meteor showers

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From a dark place, the astronauts confirmed the size of the dark with a distance of 40 miles or approximately 64.37 km from the big city lights.

If the sky is bright, and darkness was filled, people do not need a telescope or binoculars to see it, because with the naked eye, this meteor shower can be seen.




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