Kimberley Hole

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Kimberley Hole
Another freak of nature is the Kimberley hole, this is a freak of nature on the hole, it also includes the world‘s weirdest hole.

 kimberley hole 300x192 kimberley hole

Kimberley Big Hole in South Africa.
This hole reached a depth of 1097 meters and the diameter of this hole is 463 meters long.
kimberley hole kimberley hole

Kimberley Big Hole 1 kimberley hole

Kimberley kimberley hole

beresford frank ernest 1881 19 the kimberley hole 2264963 kimberley hole

kimberley hole 2 kimberley hole

Big Holes Kimberley South Africa kimberley hole

11290581 kimberley hole
Beginning of this giant hole is the result of human excavation of 1866 to 1914, then shut down the government.

I myself do not know the reasons for the government to close these holes.
As many as 50,000 miners have been digging this hole and produces over 3 tons of diamonds.
The amount of land is wasted by mining an estimated 22.5 million tons.




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