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 Waverly Hills Mental Hospital

One of the places that are considered the most haunted and creepy is the hospital, the hospital is identical with the word dead, dead, ghosts and so on. Therefore most people are afraid in the hospital at night. With the quiet corridors add to the atmosphere becomes more daunting.
In this world there is one hospital that is considered the most haunted and creepy by everyone that is “Waverly Hills Mental Hospital”
Waverly Hills Mental Hospital was originally a two-story wooden building that opened in 1910 but larger buildings made of brick and concrete structure as it now was completed in 1926. The hospital is dedicated to the treatment of tuberculosis diseased patients, a fairly common disease suffered early in the 20th century.
An estimated 63,000 people died in the hospital. Deaths and reports of malpractice and experiments and procedures are not clearly make the place haunted.

The ghost hunters who browse the Waverly reported many strange paranormal phenomena, including voices that are unclear origin, the places with strange cold temperatures and the shadows of unexplained cause. Shouts echoing in the halls of a hospital that has been ignored and they saw a shadow suddenly disappeared.
From the frequent odd occurrences, the Waverly Hills Mental Hospital became one of the most haunted places in the world




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