Giant Sea Creatures Stranded in China

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Giant Sea Creatures Stranded in China

 a strange events have occurred
 A giant sea creature washed ashore waves Guangdong, China. Unfortunately, the carcass of the creature has been badly damaged it could not be identified directly. As for the ‘sea monster‘ itself measures 16.7 meters long and weighing about 4.5 tons.

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After seeing pictures of dead creatures, the three experts on the marine biologist Scott Baker of Oregon State University, Bill Perrin and Bob Brownell of the National Fisheries Service, argued that the carcass was a dead whale.
Based on the streaks in the throat, we agreed that it was the carcass balaenopterid,” Baker said, as quoted from Life‘s Little Mysteries, June 23, 2011. Judging from the size of which reaches 16.7 meters long, chances are it is a fin whale, he said.

Researchers hope, there are collecting samples of bone and muscle tissue or the meat of sea creatures are to be analyzed genetically. The reason, saving the whale carcass is very rare along the coast of China.
When found, the animal is caught in the rope. Local population estimates, fishermen had tried to catch the animal but can not prevail against it because the size is too big.

According to a report in The Sun, residents flocked to see the dead sea giant sea creature, even though the stench is overpowering. (eh)
source : VIVAnews



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