The Fool and The Clever

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A little explanation about the stupid and smart people, do you assume that you asked yourself? Do you think that you fool yourself?


below there are facts about the stupid and smart people.

1. A fool is difficult to find work, he finally business.
In order for the business successful, he would have to hire smart people.
As a result boss smart people are fools.

2. Stupid people often make mistakes, so he recruited smart people
who is never wrong to correct the wrong.
As a result fools smart people ordered for man

3. Smart people learn to get a diploma for the next
get a job. A fool to think quickly get money
proposals to pay for smart people.

4. A fool can not make the text of a speech, then the smart people were told to

5. Stupid people I think is hard to pass the law school (SH) because
It fools smart people ordered to make laws

6. Stupid people are usually good at selling cuap cuap-talk, while the smart people believe. But then smart people regret trusting fools.
But still when it is on a fool.

7. Stupid people think short to decide something in mind
long-term by smart people, Hence the smart people become
staff fools.

8. When business slows down a fool, he laid off the people who work smart.
But smart people DEMO, a result of smart people wailing “the fool in order to stay given the job.

9. But when the business forward fools, clever people will spend time to work hard with good mood, while the fools spend
time to have fun with his family.

10. The eyes of a fool is always looking for what can be made in money. Eyes smart people are always looking for column job vacancies.

11. Bill gate (Microsoft), Dell, Hendri (Ford), Thomas Edison, Tommy Suharto, Liem Siu Liong (BCA group).
Are people stupid (never could S1) rich.
Thousands of smart people working for them. Tens of thousands of lives and families
smart people rely on stupid people.
The question is:
  1. 1. So mending so those clever or a fool?
  2. 2. Pinteran where among those clever or a fool?
  3. 3. Honor where between clever or a fool?
  4. 4. Difficult where the person clever or a fool?
The conclusion is:
  1. 1. Do not stay long so clever man, after a long time unaware that he
  2. have been fooled by fools.
  3. 2. Be a clever fool than to be clever people are stupid.
  4. 3. The keyword is “RISK” and “effort”, because fools think short then he says the risk is small, then he tried to keep the risk of really small.
Clever people thought he said a big risk for the next he will not try to take the risk, and serving fools




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