Dede 'Tree Man' Indonesia

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Ede, a fisherman suffered scratches while still a teenager. Strangely, after that some kind of wart-like growth of overgrown tree roots.

Dede's condition (35 years), a fisherman, was very staggering medical experts when looking warts such as "root tree" growing in the arms and legs. According to him, the state of his body began to change after his knee was scratched as a teenager.

Because the physical growth abnormalities, Dede unable to undergo day tasks. Tragically, in poor condition because they can not work well, he abandoned his wife. Dede then forced to raise her two children are now aged a dozen years. "I can only surrender to this fate. Moreover, the doctors who examined me, unable to treat my illness, "he said. To support his family, he joined the itinerant entertainment "show Terrible" with other persons with a strange disease.

However, his resignation was, it turns out fruitful hope for healing illness. An American dermatology expert who flew to Dede's home in south Jakarta revealed, has identified the disease.

After examining the wound and blood samples Dede, Dr Anthony Gaspari of the University of Maryland concluded that his illness was caused by a virus named human papilloma virus (HPV). In general, this virus causes an infection so small warts to develop in the body of the patient.

 Problems experienced by Dede, according to Gaspari, he only has a rare genetic trait that prevents the immune system. Therefore, the virus has mastered the "cellular machinery" skin cells, forming a strange warts that grow in large numbers like the trees in the hands and feet.

"The number of white blood cells on self-Dede is very low. I had thought she was suffering from the AIDS virus. However, a number of tests showed he did not have the virus so clear conclusion that Dede's condition is something that is rare and more mysterious, "he said.

Outside of the strange disease, Dede live their lives with healthy unlike other patients who experience problems with the immune system and both of his parents and his brothers no one suffering from such abnormality. "Conditions like he is estimated to be less than one in a million people," said Gaspari.
Gaspari involved in this case through a Discovery Channel was convinced that Dede's condition can be cured with a synthetic vitamin A each day can keep the growth of these warts.

"He will not have a normal body and perfect, but at least the size of the warts on his body could be reduced and he could use his hands. Interval of three to six months, these warts will be small and diminished in number. He will undergo a more normal life again, "said Gaspari.


Dr Gaspari hopes he can get free drugs from pharmaceutical companies. Medications will be administered a number of Indonesian doctors under his supervision. For further examination of Dede's rare disease, the doctor is going to take him to America, but hampered by bureaucratic and financial obstacles. The Telegraph



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