Berrymover, Spesifikasi Image And Review

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Pocket Mac that after many years developed a way to connect your BlackBerry phone and a Mac, this time also launched a new program to connect it with the iPhone and called BerryMover.

BerryMover can synchronize contacts, text messages, emails, notes (notes), the data on the calendar on the BlackBerry to your iTunes which can be transferred to your iPhone. From there, data can be transferred into the application that is used by the iPhone itself. This program will have the extension. IPD, to backup specific files BlackBerry.

Users can also choose what information is to be sent to iTunes, so it will not happen removal of unwanted data. BerryMover is also possible to work on some phones to provide a comprehensive data to be transferred to your iPhone.

This step was taken by PocketMac due according to the survey obtained by his side, almost 66% of BlackBerry users based Verizon will move the hearts on the iPhone. PocketMac itself has been struggling with the BlackBerry backup files and a variety of platforms that exist already for over 7 years. BerryMover now in the iTunes App Store, and can be used on IOS 4.2 and above. This application sells for $ 10.



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