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There is breaking news nih in the Internet, namely the existence of four sun in China. Some say also that the emergence of four sun in China is considered a sign of imminent doom. But according to Thomas Djamaludin, senior researcher of astronomy and astrophysics at the Institute of Aviation and Space Agency (LAPAN) confirmed it is a common natural phenomenon and often occurs.

According to him again, the phenomenon is called a sun dog or guard dog sun. Ordinary light appeared on either side of the sun's halo so often considered despite having a smaller size. Genesis 4 that the sun caused by refraction of sunlight by ice crystals. It usually appears in the horizon where the sun rises not too far from the horizon or the horizon.

4 matahari 

empat matahari 

sun dog

Its provisions, the sun emerged around the ice crystals that refract light. Typically, there are two phenomena that is halo and sun dogs. For the halo itself, according to Thomas, Indonesia often experience the same events, although not with sun dogs and the refraction of sunlight that arise due to the condition of the top layer of very cold cloud cyrus.

Let not curious, below you can see a video of four of the sun,
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Video 4 THE SUN



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