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What Is Auto Insurance?
For car owners, auto insurance is not just an option, but rather it is a legal necessity. If you get into an accident, or if your car is stolen or damaged, you need insurance so that repair costs or the loss will not be too heavy a burden.
So what really is this auto insurance? Is it an easy way to get easy money in just an instant? Or is it just another problem that will just cover up anothaer one in times of need?
The first time I read about auto insurance information online, I felt it’s a way to get a rush of money so easily, in a flash. Well it sounds cool but I never knew that auto insurance would involve a lot of things.
Having auto insurance will essentially cover up for financial losses in certain instances. Coverage will usually be in the following forms:

   1. Property coverage – payment received from damages and theft
    2. Liability coverage – payment for accident related injuries and property damage.
    3. Medical coverage – payment for injuries, medical operation cost, rehabilitation, funeral expenses.

 In other words it is one means to get yourself secured, whatever happens to you or your car.



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