Honesty is the Best (Insurance) Policy

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Honesty is the Best (Insurance) Policy, Little white lies were supposed to be harmless until you were found out. However, what if there were 11 million white lies done each day? That’s the number of car drivers who will not tell the truth (read: lie) to avoid having their claims rejected.

The survey done by moneysupermarket.com further details it. According to the survey, the car owners found it more important not jeopardizing their car insurance rather than being honest with their circumstances.

When asked what they would do in the event that they left their car unsecured and it was broken into, a third of motorists would said that they would keep the truth from their insurer for fear that they would not be able to claim on the insurance; another third said they would tell the truth, and the final third were undecided about what course of action they would take.
If ever they were found out, this would push the price of for other motorists. And their claim would be denied as well.



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