Diavik Mine

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Diavik Mine
world‘s weirdest hole on this one named Diavik mine, this hole was found in 300 km northeast of Yellowknife, Canada. Diavik Diamond Mine is located in the North Slave Region Canada This is mine What is left open.
Exploit an island of 220 square km of the Arctic Circle, this area is very wide to accommodate a Boeing 747 are possible. With a lifespan of produktifitas16-22 years, the crater is estimated to have produced 8 million carats (1600 kg) of diamonds a year. This course is very Extraordinary Things, But Massive Exploitation As It Sure Will There Negative Environmental Impact Around the World in particular and general.
look at the image below:

250px Diavik Diamond Mine diavik mine

The+Diavik+Diamond+Mine2 diavik mine

The+Diavik+Diamond+Mine1 diavik mine

image mine3 diavik mine

tp diavik mine file diavik mine

diavik mine 2 lg diavik mine

img underground two diavik mine

This is a very large mines and remote areas so that he even has its own airport with a runway large enough to accommodate a Boeing 737.
It also looks the same when the water around him froze.

source: http://www.unique.shootrun.net



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