Why Do Homeowners Insurance Agencies Deny Dog Owners

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Almost every dog owner wants their fellow canine to play an important role in their lives, especially when it comes to a homeowners insurance policy. Sadly, according to Bankrate.com, home insurers see certain canine types as dangerous and rule them as high-risk pets. This either place higher homeowners insurance premiums on the dog owner or disqualify them from receiving insurance from certain insurers.

“Breed discrimination,” as it is called, is today’s hot topic being discussed between dog owners, canine organizations, and homeowners insurance companies, and until the debate is resolved, all dog owners must know which breeds are deemed dangerous by home insurers. Doing this will help them estimate their liability coverage and the price of their homeowners insurance quotes.

Dog owners should note the determining factors for their canine to be labeled dangerous by a homeowners insurance companies.

The homeowners insurance company. Each insurance provider has different specifications, which is why dog owners should shop around and compare numerous homeowners insurance quotes and talk to an insurance agent about their needs. They may charge a higher premium or just refuse to do business with them.

The size of their dog. Dogs that are small are most likely to be overlooked by homeowners insurance companies, since they have a less chance of biting someone. However, large dogs will be evaluated because they can inflict harm to people, depending on how violent they are or potentially could be.

The frequency of their bite. Every year, 4.5 million Americans suffer from dog bites, according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention. If the breed a dog owner owns has a track record of frequent bites, the dog owner will pay the consequences.

Their reputation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the media, and other authorities are closely monitoring reports involving canines. Homeowners insurance companies collect these reports and judge whether or not a dog breed puts dog owners at high-risk.

Top High-risk Dog Breeds To Homeowners Insurance

Below is a list regarding the most high-risk canines that all homeowners should avoid having, provided by Bankrate.com:

* Akita
* Alaskan Malamute
* Chow Chow
* Doberman Pinscher
* German Shepherd
* Pit Bull
* Presa Canario
* Rottweiler
* Siberian Husky
* Staffordshire Bull Terrier
* Wolf hybrid.

For anyone who owns any of these breeds, they may find their premium high, if they are lucky enough for a home insurer to insure them. But they can still get lower rates by doing the following:

* Search online for the best homeowners insurance quotes and policies in their proximity
* Comparison shop from several different home insurers
* Inquire about discounts
* Increase their deductible
* Check their insurance policy annually.

Dogs are family members, too. With an inexpensive homeowners insurance policy, people don’t have to worry about paying high premiums – or kicking their pooch to the curve.

For more information about insuring canines or for homeowners insurance quotes from up to 5 local agents, visit InsuranceAgents.com.



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