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Okay. On this occasion, I will give a tutorial on How to Upload Template. If in a previous post how to change my template from blogger, now is a way to replace the template with our own templates. So, if you want to change the template, no need to use a template from blogger, we also can replace with our own templates. Follow the instructions from me. 

Things need to be prepared is, you should download the template first. You can download the template in the site template provider. As in Zoom Template
Blog Template 4 U

Or you can also download templates from me. You can dowonload HERE. Preview template is like this 

While the appearance of the menu design is like this 

If you are interested, you can download it by clicking HERE. Templates are available with the AUTO READ MORE. 
After you download, it's time you upload the template. First Sign In at http://www.blogger.com After you Sign In, please go to the menu design. 

Second Once you open the Design menu, there will be a display like this.Click the EDIT HTML Menu 

Third Once you open the HTML EDIT menu, there will be a display like this. Then select the template you've downloaded by clicking the SELECT FILE. 

Fourth Once you select a file, click UPLOAD like the picture below. 

 If there look like the picture below 

 Click Delete Widget Because if not removed will be bad for our blog. 
Fifth After the UPLOAD, there will be a notice like the picture below 

The figure indicates that the template we have successfully replaced. Now see the look of your blog. Thank you for reading my article.




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