How Can You Choose Pet Health Insurance For Your Particular Pet?

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There are many factors that may come into play when choosing the best pet health insurance for your pet. You must balance between providing the most loving and responsible care possible for your pet but keep the costs within your budget. Let's examine some of these factors.

Is your pet too young or too old for the best pet health insurance? Some insurance companies will not insure animals under a year old so that inherited conditions can manifest making true health conditions apparent. Similarly, animals that are older are sometimes not insurable as they may have had treatment for a condition that can re-occur or are expected to have increasingly frequent conditions develop. Be sure to check on any age restrictions before signing up.

Will the breed of your pet preclude obtaining the best pet health insurance? Application for the pet insurance may be denied if certain characteristics are known to produce conditions or behaviors that could cause an unusually large number of claims. Large dog breeds that are pre-disposed to hip dysplasia fall into this category. Some companies will not cover Shar Pei's as they can have a number of health issues. Dog breeds that are well known to develop aggressive behaviors may not be covered. The legal adage is 'every dog gets one free bite'! After that the owner is liable.

The best pet health insurance offers a variety of plans to fit your pet. After taking into consideration the age and breed of your pet, what kind of circumstances to you feel you will need to have covered by insurance? Do you want just emergency services covered in case of an accident? Do you want surgeries such as spaying and neutering covered? What about normal maintenance such as vaccinations, heart worm test and treatments? Each of these variables will have a different price and will therefore effect your budget.

What can you expect from your insurance carrier in terms of their payments on your claims? Is there a deductible that must be met before their payments commence? Do they have a co-pay available for office visits, etc? Some may offer a flat fee for certain procedures or may pay a percentage of the charges from your veterinarian. Also there may be a maximum payout per year or per pet that you should know about. As you can see, there are many things to consider in choosing the best pet health insurance and good research will pay off in great care for your pets at a price you can afford.

Sharon Brown lives on the Central Coast of California and loves her pets. She does research in many areas of the Pet Industry as well as Senior Education and the Environment.




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