Saving Money on Motorbike Insurance

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So you’ve just got your new bike and can’t wait to ride it, you want to enjoy the freedom that only a motorbike can provide. It calls out your name and glistens in the garage just waiting for you to take it for a ride. And then, you realize, you have no motorbike insurance for that bike!

The majority of the world now requires motorcyclists to have insurance before using them on public roads. Even if you’re not required to have motorbike insurance it’s still the best idea for your own protection. Many motorbike accidents are due to 3rd parties simply not seeing the motorbike so having this protection is an absolute must.

Can motorbike insurance be expensive? Yes! Motorbike insurance is often expensive when compared to car insurance. This is due to the insurance industry believing that riding a motorbike is more risky then driving a car. The primary reason being the one we just talked about above.

High performance motorbikes are also another reason why motorbike insurance is expensive. A little showing off with a high performance machine can be very risky in the eyes of the insurance companies. And it all comes down to risk! The more risky, the more the motorbike insurance companies will charge! Remember, insurance companies are there to make money from their services.

Motorbike Driving Course

A great way to keep your insurance down is to take a motorbike driving course. Even the most experienced motorcyclist can benefit from a motorcycle driving course, mainly due to the fact that the insurance company has proof you’re trying to be less risk to them. Make sure you provide the certificate though to get the possible discount.


A further reason why motorbike insurance is expensive is that motorbikes are at a higher risk of vandalism and are often easier to steal. If you let your insurance company know where you are planning to keep your motorbike you will probably be able to lower your insurance premiums. A garage or a storage unit will sometimes provide nice discounts from your insurance company. Another way to save money on motorbike insurance is to install security devices for when the bike is parked in public places. Once more, make sure you tell the insurance company everything which will lower the risk.

The Weather

Riding your motorbike during the spring and summer months can be fantastic while riding in winter can sometimes be impossible! Let your motorbike insurance company know when you plan on riding your motorbike. This can also save you a nice sum of money.




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