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My name is Rizal. I was born in the country of Indonesia. To be more precise is on the island of Java, East Java Province, District JEMBER. I was born on July 14, 1993. I was born in JEMBER and grew up in  JEMBER. I was one of the students from one school that is located in the city JEMBER  

I began to recognize the Internet world in 2007. At that point I began to study the Internet world. After studying for three years I started to build a very simple blog time goes on. Any spare time I always found time to design my blog in order to appear more seo friendly. From there I began to love the world of internet and design. As time went on, I continued and continue to learn the science of design and till in the end I could create a blog with a more seo friendly.  

My goal is to create a website or blog is not to share the knowledge about the world of internet and design techniques. What I hope is my hope that this blog visitors can enjoy the articles that I provide and make visitors understand more about the world of internet and design techniques. My goal is I really wanted to be a more professional designer. And I think failure is the beginning of success. My men do not easily discouraged in every way because I want to beat despair. And I'm sure if we try and do not despair we must succeed.



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