3 Basic Forms of Car Insurance

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Car Insurance Information

Car Insurance is definitely an expensive proposition. The cost gets added on once you purchase your motor vehicle. Some of the costs like servicing costs, repair expenses, MOT, road tax expenses are other extra expenses.Many of us end up paying so much money for fuel like petrol and diesel for our vehicle. Considering all these, it is advised that you go in for Car insurance and also make sure you are getting a good deal on your policy by having the correct car insurance information.

This concept of motor insurance would be really confusing for a novice motor owner. A first timer is sure to get perplexed with all the terms. Once he understands the entire concept after doing some research and also some amount of background reading, he would be in a better position to take the help of the internet to identify a policy which gives him the best for a lesser amount of premium. The right type of car insurance information would help him in the long run and would take care of his add on expenses.


The concept of insurance is not as tough as it is perceived to be. Once you do your homework and understand it, it is pretty simple and uncomplicated. There are 3 basic forms of insurance. This is the beginning and you need to take the right decision about the policy you intend to take.

1) Third Party

This is the most uncomplicated and hassle free form of insurance which you could buy. It is mandatory that every motor owner buys it since it is required by law.The concept here is that in case there is an accident caused due to your negligence, you are responsible for reimbursing the expenses related to damage and repair causes to the motor vehicle. A Third party insurance does not give you the flexibility of claiming damages if any caused to your vehicle. Similarly, if your vehicle has been stolen, you cannot claim reimbursement from the insurance company.

2) Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy is slightly better as compared to simple Third party insurance. In this type of policy, damage caused to another vehicle gets covered. Also damages if any caused to your own vehicle is covered. Moreover, your vehicle is also covered against any damage caused due to fire. It also protects you from theft. This is definitely costlier as compared to the basic policy. It definitely provides a better coverage with a little extra cost.

3) Comprehensive Insurance

This type of car insurance is costlier in comparison to Third party insurance. It covers damages caused to your motor vehicle even if you are responsible for the accident. It protects the defaulter as well. Cases of hit and run are also covered under such a policy. Comprehensive policies cover car audio systems; provide free replacement of your windscreen if damaged. In case your car conks off and you are left stranded midway, you can always dial up the insurance company and help is provided instantaneously. These add on features increase the premium amount. So make sure you would need all these features and then make a decision whether you want to go in for this policy or not. These features make this policy an expensive proposition and you need to decide on your requirement before arriving at a decision.

Detailed information on New York Auto Insurance can be obtained from Department of New York State Insurance. In a city like New York, both the defaulter and defaulted party do not have to bother, since the expenses are covered by respective parties and each party would be able to settle their expenses through their insurance.




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