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Is it true that Dinosaurs DNA Can Be Saved?

The study, conducted by researchers from Murdoch University in Australia concluded that the DNA of living things would not survive, if age has reached more than 6.8 million years ago. This finding is clearly contrary to the possibility of replicating the dinosaurs lived, because most dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.

The scientists previously claimed to have been able to extract DNA from dinosaur fossils, where they try to unravel the related "myths Jurassic Park". "We permanently, Jurassic Park is plagued by myths that have emerged since the early nineties," said Mike Bunce, research leader of the Sydney Morning Herald, as reported by the Telegraph, Friday (12/10/2012).

Scientists have long check whether dinosaur DNA could have survived. "The myth is still there. Fact, other scientists ask whether this possibility can be proved," he said.

The project was described by Michael Crichtin bestsellers and Stephen Spielberg movie. Meanwhile, several papers claim insect DNA was 135 million years ago, could be extracted from amber (fossilized tree resin).

However, the likelihood is undeniable, as the remnants of insect DNA was contaminated with human genetic material. The new study, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, is based on carbon dating of the bones moa. Moa is a New Zealand native birds that have become extinct.

Researchers found that DNA from moa bones split after 521 years. Researchers say, at a temperature of minus five degrees and the age of the DNA reaches 6.8 million years, the last fragment of the DNA in the bone will disappear.

"However, this is possible in approximately 1 million years in frozen condition. You can extract a bit of DNA and do something with it," said Bunce.

This unique Dinosaurs Similar Headed Helm

The fossil, found the researchers, the findings reveal dinosaur known as pachycephalosaurs. This name signifies that the dinosaurs have a thick head, which is said to resemble the helmets worn football athletes.

Reported by ABC Science, Friday (10/19/2012), scientists suspect that the unique shape of the head is used to fight dinosaurs and pitted with other dinosaurs. Recent research reveals new evidence related to some hostile behavior among species of dinosaur.

"Perlaku uncontrollably aggressive in modern vertebrates, not least (some) birds and crocodiles," said Joseph Peterson, who presented his research at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, North Carolina.

He said several vertebrate animals or vertebrates today also have aggressive behavior to attack enemies. For example, the crocodile has attacked the crocodile behavior of others using head movements, besides bird uses its beak to peck.

Scientists say, just pachycephalosaurs which is one of extinct animals that have unique head shape and function to "plow" his opponent. The scientists, including Peterson of the University of Wisconsin geology department and his team compared the injury to the bones of birds, crocodiles and mammals (especially the horned mammals).

The investigation revealed, pachycephalosaurs dinosaurs are extinct animals that can fight using the head hard. It is said to be similar to Dall sheep or bison. Scientists also found Stegoceras, the smaller dinosaurs and have the ability to fight in a way butting his opponent, like a mountain goat.

Scientists Reveal Weather "Strange" in the UK

Scientists said the last few months in the UK, there is erratic weather. Based on the research note, spring is the driest for more than a century, turned into the wettest recorded in April to June. It is said to be the weather "weird", because the dramatic changes that have not been documented before.

Reported by the BBC, Friday (19/10/2012), the scientists said, there is no evidence that climate change "rare" is due to the result of man-made climate change. However, experts have now warned the British to plan anticipatory measures to tackle drought and flood conditions.

This warning comes from the Environment Agency, Met Office and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in London, England. Terry Marsh from CEH said, there is no modern precedent for a transitional approach remarkable watershed. The closest comparison occurred in 1903, but this year is fabulous judged.

The amazing thing other weather related "weird" is, local people do not have to worry or suffer flooded. The main message from the experts also said discussion, the community has continued to increase resilience to flooding.

Paul Mustow, Head of Flood Management at the Environment Agency said, 4,500 properties flooded this year. "However, when you look at 2007, when more than 55 thousand properties under water, we are relatively fortunate to impact can be seen in this summer," said Paul.

"The pattern of rainfall impact in different areas. Addition, there is also a lag between rain periods, to minimize the impact," he added.

Experts also say, no flood defenses, approximately 53 thousand properties would be inundated with water this year. Meanwhile, approximately 190 thousand properties receiving flood protection in recent years.

Mystery Water on the Moon Answered

Scientists are busy trying to solve the mystery about the discovery of water on the moon. Now they have found the answer that the water source is a stream of particles from the Sun.

Reporting from The Hindu, Wednesday (17/10/2012), the findings revealed by the researchers from the University of Michigan showed that the ice in the crater that is permanently shadowed moon, containing hydrogen atoms carried solar wind.

They analyzed samples of Apollo which reveal the existence of a hydroxyl. The compound was in the glass formed by meteorite impact at the micro-regolith.

"We found that the components of the water or hydroxyl which is located in the regolith. Mostly a result of the solar wind containing protons. Compounds when combined with aksigen will form hydroxyl," said the expert Geological Science, Youxue Zhang.

"It also means that the results of our work indicate that there is a hydroxyl component in various objects. Though not in the form of ice or liquid, will still be useful for sending human missions to moon," he added.

Planet Likes Earth Found in Alpha Centauri

An Earth-like planet discovered outside our solar system. The planet was discovered by astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Reporting from the International Business Times, Wednesday (17/10/2012), the planet has in common with the Earth in terms of size and distance from the Sun. It is in the Alpha Centauri which is 4.3 light years away as far from Earth.

The astronomers used the High Accuracy Radial-velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) with a long 3.6 meter telescope to discover the planet. But according to them, the planet can be seen with the naked eye from certain places.

Despite having the same size as the Earth, the planet is too hot to be habitable living creatures. The temperature there can reach 2,200 degrees and an estimated surface composed of molten lava.

Seeing this, astronomers remain optimistic about the possibility of another planet similar in size and more suitable for habitable living creatures.

"Maybe this planet is only one of several planets in the solar system. HARPS our other results and new discoveries from Kepler, they show clearly that the majority of low-mass planet discovered in the solar system," said co-author's research Stephane Udry.


Astronomers Give Help Life on Mars

Astronomers from New Mexico State University revealed research on the emergence of methane on Mars. Chizek Malynda astronomers working on computer simulations, using the NASA / Ames Mars Atmospheric General Circulation Model to replicate the trace gases in the Martian atmosphere, which is believed to provide guidance related to life on the red planet.

Reported Astrobio, Thursday (10/18/2012), Malynda using computer simulations to predict the amount of methane seen by the Mars Science Laboratory. "There are instruments onboard Curiosity Rover, where (robotic rovers) that have landed on Mars in August, which is capable of measuring methane," said Malynda.

However, he continued, the scientist who performed the operation of the instrument, has not made a public announcement of the results of their research. "There are some claims about the detection of methane in the past decade. However, it spawned controversial whether there really is an element of methane on Mars," he explained.

Malynda said, that remains a mystery is how the methane gas that could be present on Mars. Observations made scientists suggest, the emergence of methane can occur on a time scale very quickly and unexpectedly.

Furthermore Malynda explained, it is important to detect methane on Mars element, because it can provide clues linked the evidence of life. Therefore, about 95 percent of the methane in Earth's atmosphere, is a product of biology.

Malynda diusungnya use models to try to trace the location of the source of methane gas. The allegations related to the emergence of the source location of methane among others, derived from volcanic sources, chemical interactions of water or bacteria.

"Mars is considered as geologically dead planet. Detection elements If methane has been confirmed and we did not find any signs of bacterial life, it indicates the existence of an interesting geological processes, which occur on Mars and we do not know (more details) about it," he concluded .


New Theory, Month Comes from Earth

A paper published in the journal Science reveals that the theory explains why the Earth and the Moon have similar chemical composition and.

Quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (19/10/2012), the theory is said by Sarah Stewart and Matija Cuk. According to them, the Earth spins faster when the Moon began to form. Speed ​​was made one day only consists of one or three hours.

Because turnover is very fast, a big collision could catapult Earth material into space. The material is then formed the Moon.

According to this new theory, the speed of rotation of the Earth and then reached in the present because there is interaction between the gravitational orbit around the Sun and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth.

The scientists also noted that the proportion of their theory different from those currently believed. The theory is widely believed today is the giant moon created from material that hit Earth.

Stewart is a professor of Earth and planets at Harvard. While Cuk is an astronomer and researcher at the SETI Institute, which supports research in the search for life beyond Earth.